Sharrow Vale Planters

Most people will have seen and enjoyed the sight of the planters along Sharrow Vale Road, which were installed and have been maintained by members of the SVCA. Two planters were also placed near to the gates of the primary school, with involvement from the pupils there helping to maintain these. Now, we've been granted some funding by the council to further improve the look of our area, and are hoping to do this with the partnership of local businesses. Ideas so far include placing some hanging baskets along the road, and encouraging business owners to look after the upkeep of these, along with possibly having further planters on other sections of the road. So, look out in the coming months for more colour around your area!

Sharrow Vale planters Sharrow Vale planters

Randini - the local man who inspired Houndini

Ever wondered which famous people have graced the streets of Sharrow Vale? Well the Master Mystifier Harry Houdini is thought to have walked the streets of Sheffield whilst visiting his life long friend Randolph Douglas. Randolph Douglas (a.k.a Randini) was Sheffield born and bred. In 1904 he was a fan of the famous Hungarian American magician, escapologist and stunt performer Harry Houdini. Randini used to live on Carrington Road, near Hunters Bar roundabout. On one magical day in 1914 Houdini came for tea and changed his life forever. In the following years Harry would often visit Randolph at his home, often popping in for tea and buns. Through their friendship Randini reinvented his hero by helping to produce Houdini's death defying stunt; escaping from a strait jacket whilst suspended hundreds of feet in the air. The book on telling the untold story of Randini is written by Ann Beedham. It is available from